Community Building and Food Waste Reduction through FAIRmentation, Workshops and Kimchi!


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We like to eat. You like to eat. Let’s eat together!
Join us on our journey through the wonderful world of FAIRmentation. We offer workshops, fermented drinks, and Kimchi!

Hello! We are Jo and Alex of Bubbles & Kraut and we want to make healthy and delicious kimchi and other fermentation products made from the highest quality ingredients.

Fermentation is a simple way to preserve vegetables that has already been used for hundreds of years. It offers a lot of freedom for creativity through which a huge variety of new and tasty foods can be created. By sharing this knowledge with a community, we believe we can have a positive impact on food sustainability and reduce food waste in Austria.

Being eco-fair and eco-friendly along the value chain are our top priorities, we call what we do FAIRmentation. All of our products and workshops are based on this idea.

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Kimchi is a kind of fermented vegetable that has its origins in Korea. It is traditionally made of Chinese cabbage. Like all fermented foods, Kimchi contains lots of healthy probiotics that work wonders for your gut flora and is rich and tasty. Our Kimchi is produced based on the seasonal availability of the ingredients in Austria. It’s locally produced, hand-made, vegan and oriental in flavor!

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Fermentation can also be used to create delicious drinks filled with healthy probiotics which revitalize your gut flora. During the process of fermentation, microorganisms turn sugars into carbonic acids creating an optimal environment for the flourishing of healthy probiotics.

Through our careful combination of fruits, herbs and spices, and teas, we produce our own refreshing varieties of Kombucha, Water Kefir, and ginger Beer with almost no sugar.

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Fermentation is a lost art of preserving and making healthy foods using lacto bacteria. It has been used for thousands of years and is a simple way to not only make your own tasty food, but to contribute towards a more sustainable environment.


Workshops are a place to learn and share. We want to connect with you to share our knowledge and learn from yours. Our goal is to foster, develop, and expand the idea of sustainability together.

In our workshops, you will learn about FAIRmentation. We’ll be making kimchi, fermented drinks and other fermented products, as well as explore the art of sustainable cooking. But what’s most important is that you have a good time in a relaxing and fun environment with a group of like-minded people. Our workshops always include a communal meal, so we can share our thoughts and ideas, enjoy food, and build a community together.

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Cooking is caring for others. It is a gesture of generosity and hospitality that functions as social glue; it amplifies social relations and translates thoughts into food. We would like to offer a place of communication and build a community that allows diversity through food culture. Our communal fermentation and cooking workshops are shared with interesting people from all walks of life.


Everyone likes a party, but what about the food? Bubbles & Kraut provides small-scale catering services for those who want to dive deeper into the world of fermented foods.

We offer various kinds of kimchi, fermented drinks, and a range of tasty Korean-inspired finger foods. Open up the food experience at your business lunch or party, or make it interactive and let’s cook together at your home.

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Thanks for fermenting with us!
If you have any enquiry or questions, please dont’t hesitate to contact us.